Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jennifer, Crystal and Briar ready for Church
The Family ready for church

Crystal showing Andrea, Briar, and Jennifer the firemans carry

Andrea and Briar on a science field trip

A Soldier guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Andrea and Karl in front of the Washington DC temple

Andrea and Myself outside our Hotel

Andrea and Karl at Arlington Cemetary near JFK burial
Andrea right by the Capital

Karl standing near the Capital

We're Back

So I know that everyone has been waiting in anticipation for the next installment of the adventures that have be fallen the Erickson family in Missouri and around the world. For those of you that have followed us faithfully over the years you know that the last time that we posted was a year ago. Karl was getting ready to go over to Iraq to serve his country and Protect the Commanding General of Iraq. He has recently redeployed back to the states to be with his family. He arrived home on the 25th of August. It has been a joy for him to be back in the states but most importantly a pleasure to be reunited with his family. The past year many things have happened to the Missouri Erickson Family. They have had two different adventures this past year. Even though Karl was not with us Andrea's life and the kids life moved forward with new adventures some good some bad but there lives went forward while Karl's life here in the states was put on hold. With the mission complete over in Iraq it was time for him to return back to his family. The mission over in Iraq was a different mission then Karl has ever experienced. While there in Iraq he was the person in charge of all the advances for the commanding general. As adavance agent he was the first person at the venue to make sure that security was in place that everyone was tracking that the General was coming to visit. He met the general at the drop site and led him into the venue to where the meeting was going to be held. Towards the end of the deployment Karl was given the opportunity to go TDY (Temporary Duty Assignment) to Washington D.C. two times. The first time was in the beginning of June. During this trip, thanks to my wonderful Uncle Eric, we flew Andrea out to spend the weekend with me in D.C. What an awesome trip this was. It gave me and the wife a small vacation. We also got to see all the wonderful sites in D.C. what an awesome history. Andrea also got the opportunity to see all my cousins out in Virginia that she has never met before. She left and I returned to Iraq where I was there for only two more weeks when I again returned to D.C. to drive the General around in the states. These trips gave me a break from the monoteny of Iraq. Then I returned back to Iraq to finish out the deployment. For those of you that do not know yet I reenlisted while I was down range. What does this mean? It means that I will be retiring out of the army. So now I am back in the states and many of you are wondering when the next time is that I will go back overseas. Put your minds at ease as of right now there is no orders in the near future of me returning to Iraq or Afghanistan. I am glad that I am back in the states. We have lots of pictures to share with everyone so be ready over the next few days for this blog to be exploded with pictures and more postings. We are also looking forward to the first Robert Erickson Family Reunion here in Missouri. Thanks to everyone that supported me and kept me in their thoughts and prayers. Love you all.